1000 HITS 80s listen online

1000 HITS 80s

1000 HITS 80s

All big hits from 80s music

24/7 All big hits from 80s music...pop, rock, italodisco...all are here!

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Sid Galvankar, 10 months ago
Panagiotis cbs, 9 months ago
All big hits from 80s music...pop, rock, italodisco...all are here! yes with fantastic quality via internet ..keep going ..a big hello from Preveza-Greece
Fernando Palacios Bejarano, 9 months ago
zuper amigos mucha nostalgia y emocion al escuchar buenas canciones.......
Pedro German Valdez Perdomo, 9 months ago
muy buena...excelente sitio para recordar aquello que tanto nos gustaba. la música...
Minitecas Poltergeist, 9 months ago
Excellent selection of music.
Λίνα Τσώκου-Νιάρχου, 9 months ago
hello from athens Greece!. amazing programme with favorites dancing songs!!! Lina
Сергей Тимофеев, 10 months ago
Отличное радио! Прекрасный выбор мелодий
Gustavo Gonzalez, 10 months ago
I love the 80´s, and this Station is just FABULOUS! Great selection of the best songs from that decade. I love it! Greetings from Cancun and Acapulco, Mexico.
mayu Sunaga, 10 months ago
Love all musics, make me remember those good times.
Benedito Simões, 10 months ago
Ótima Radio e a escolha dos anos 70,80 e 90 foram os melhores anos musicais.
Mauricio Narvaez, 9 months ago
Very Good
Carlos Eberto Perez Ortega, 9 months ago
Lorelys Bulmes, 9 months ago
excelente buena musica! saludos desde Venezuela