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95.5 Smooth Jazz

95.5 Smooth Jazz

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The Windy City's new home for smooth jazz favorites, perfect for your day.

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Keegan, 10 months ago
So glad to have found my old favorite online! Sundays were nevre the same once WNUA left the Chitown airwaves!
Darwin Adams, 10 months ago
I am glad I found this station. I am from Chicago and I have been living in Little Rock, Arkansas for the past 25 years. I use to stream this channel before it went off line and I am glad it is back. I cant believe that Chicagoans allowed this sta...
jose Roberto de paula betinho, 9 months ago
muito bom maravilha
Noel Dugenia, 10 months ago
Found the one that fits my kind of cool music....from the Philippines....keep it up...
Kate Ethridge, 9 months ago
Maksimilijan Limundo, 10 months ago
The Best!!! Greetings from Belgrade, Serbia, Europe!!! JiM
Jonny Fernandez, 10 months ago
genial....... los escucho desde Uruguay
Miky Roo, 9 months ago
Scott Gaunt, 10 months ago
I like 95.5 Smooth a lot because Smooth Jazz is one of my all-time favorite genres of all time! So I saved this station as my favorite station to listen to on the web and the Online RadioBox application!
Steve Ciarico, 9 months ago
I was really upset when they took it off the air ten years ago. I'm so glad I found it!!!! Pandora goodbye...hello WNUA!!! Everything is good in the world again! :D
Александр Сапрыкин, 9 months ago
Cool radio!
Pete Ciesielski, 10 months ago
I am glad you're back.
Ulrich Fuhrmann, 9 months ago
Janusz Szopniewski, 10 months ago
Janusz, POLAND, Kamienna Góra, SUPER RADIO
jean-marie DUTHERAGE, 10 months ago
really good and cosy!
E C Swanson, 9 months ago
Played this station when I put my children to bed 30 years ago. My daughter use to sing your station jingle... 95.5 WNUA. Lol! love this station!
Olgui Rubis, 9 months ago
Excelent sounds ... pleasant relax ... I like it VERY VERY MUCH ...
Mary K Glanton, 10 months ago
Best Jazz station EVER!!
David Reid, 9 months ago
Fantastic so many superlatives I could use
Stephen Maycock, 10 months ago
When I lived in Chicago I loved WNUA.."Lights out Chicago". Back in Hambledon in the UK forvseveral years and now via the internet can listen to my favourite station..thank you, steve
John Haase, 9 months ago
Just Great !
Dee Lucks, 9 months ago
Thank you for restoring a lost part of my life...WNUA! I live in Fort Lauderdale now but grew up in Chicago. This station set the mood all day. Thousands of people were saddened when it left. Ahhh even the jingle was smooth!
Константин Третьяк, 10 months ago
Thank you!
aldemar ferreira da siva, 9 months ago
muito boa mais em vez enquando sai do ar quando nao fica saindo e entrando no ar falha muito
juan mendez, 10 months ago
muy buena musica ,, nice smooth music
candace plant, 10 months ago
Happy to discover you. Love Smooth Jazz and always like WNUA when broadcasting. Especially will be listening as Chicago hometown.
, 9 months ago
Very well
M R, 10 months ago
Good to know that when I come to the windy that i can get some good music. Gotta tip. Recently I went through Cleveland and got to listen to a local group named " Jack's Jazz." on my radio, a tune named "Time and Space". Loved it. Give them a listen.
W.J. Jonathan, 9 months ago
WNUA was my radio station back in the 80's and 90's. Rick O'Dell and others. Happy Holidays!
Chicago Jackk, 10 months ago
95.5 FM WNUA is back to the windy city !!!!! So glad.....