Big B Radio - KPOP listen online

Big B Radio is an internet radio station streaming Asian pop music. It was launched in 2004 and since that time it broadcasts via its live stream 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Big B Radio includes 4 streaming channels: KPOP channel (this abbreviation stands for Korean pop), JPOP (Japanese pop), CPOP (Chinese pop) and AsianPop (Asian-American pop). Each channel is dedicated to a specific music genre and is named after that genre. They don’t just play music but also have several regular shows.

Information about the radio

Big B Radio states on its website that it is a non-profit organization. If you want you can support them financially and donate right on their website. However they also have “Advertise with Us” option. As they stated on their Facebook page it is managed by volunteers who are willing to promote Asian music internationally.

At this page of our website you can listen to Big B Radio KPOP online. But if you prefer to listen to radios on the move you can download our free app and enjoy KPOP and hundreds of other radios stations and channels from all over the world right in your mobile phone or tablet.

Radio contacts


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Andreina Jaime, 9 months ago
mic drop bts
Olivia Bangtan, 9 months ago
plz play DNA by BTS!!
Juliana Villa Agudelo, 9 months ago
plz play solo by jennie the blackpink
J. Harris, 9 months ago
This is awesome. Now all we need is for this to be on car radios 😁. Also can you plz play seesaw by BTS
Aesthetic Leia, 9 months ago
Me wishing they had a kpop radio in florida
Amo El Bl Amo A Bts, 9 months ago
Weeeeena ta wena tu musica perro skddbdjdn saludos skddn
Clair Jacobs, 9 months ago
we need bts here like excusji me
Laurenir Silva, 9 months ago
Stray Kids please.
Almudena Saez Miralles, 8 months ago
Bts masss 🇪🇸🤟🏻
Шошо Тян, 8 months ago
Jim Trek, 8 months ago
Pretty Nice KPop Radio!! ;)
Bridge_Agent, 8 months ago
I see A.C.E. in your playlist. That's all i needed to know. *thumbs up*
Marisol Navarro, 8 months ago
Fanática del kpop me gustó la emisora escuchando desde chile ciudad de punta arenas mi grupo favorito SS501 FOREVER