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Cladrite Radio plays pop and jazz of the 1920s, '30s and '40s. Our toe-tapping tunes will keep you coming back for more.

Information about the radio

Here at Cladrite Industries, we meet many people who live with one foot in the past, one foot in the present, and an eye toward the future. That is to say, they love movies made back when they were still called "pictures," pop music of decades gone by, classic (and not-so-classic) fiction of the first half of the 20th century, venerable restaurants that predate the chains, and so much more, but not at the exclusion of the latest and greatest -- contemporary movies ("films," even), new music, innovative trends in dining, and the latest in groundbreaking technology. They are not so much nostalgic as they are intrigued by and appreciative of pop culture of the (relatively) recent past.

Radio contacts

Phone: +1 646-246-5426


Genres: pop jazz swing 30s 40s 20s

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The Nettie P, 7 months ago
really enjoying this station! Thanks for keeping this music alive.
Pavel Vellek, 6 months ago
Good day from Prague (Czech Republic). Very often I like to listen to your radio that absolutely suits my requirements. I appreciate your work a lot and thank you for a great job. Listening to your radio always makes my day. Paul
william mayes, 6 months ago
Keep those 78’s spinning !!! Love and enjoy listening to your station !!
Nicole Lol, 7 months ago
i love it!!
Shahab Tavakoli, 7 months ago
Keep up the good work!
Сергей Скляров, 6 months ago
Очень хорошо и интелигентно во всех лтношениях
William Perkins, 7 months ago
Very enjoyable and relaxing