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To re-invent the way the game is played is to do the unexpected. Introducing Cross Road Family, the number one online web cast radio station.

Information about the radio

Developed more than a year ago by local disc jockies, Cross Road Family takes great pride in the diversity of the people who made them what they are - an online radio station of many cultures, languages, backgrounds and experiences. These differences brought them together, making them stronger and giving them a unique understanding and sensitivity to the needs of their customers and the communities they serve.
However, like the most dedicated broadcasters they are never satisfied with how their station grows. They constantly strive to build on their station to make their organization fertile ground for their partners, sponsors, associates and communities.
It takes professional grade ingenuity to back up the claim of greatness. At Cross Road Family they are professional grade. From this point, one can see that Cross Road Family has continued to maintain the high standard of excellence and innovation from which their predecessors laid a strong foundation.
The programming targets all age groups with a message of hope and encouragement through an eclectic mix of popular Caribbean music. The music and programming promote anti-drug and anti-violence messages, while upholding positive lifestyle messages to its audience.
Cross Road Family provides solid, uplifting alternatives to other radio programming aimed towards a mature audience. Cross Road Family works closely with community centers, a call center organization that provides prayers and referral services to those in need. Cross Road Family receives no state or federal government funding and is not owned by a large corporate broadcasting company. Operating expenses are covered by donations received from the public.

Genres: r'n'b soul reggae

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Anthony Thomas, 8 months ago
You guys are the best. Keep it up loyal listener from Toronto Canada After been introduced by my sister in new york
Alfredo Villalobos, 9 months ago
aloooo!!! i listen you of mexico!!!
mchael pime, 8 months ago
Great listening music
Elmin Murrell, 8 months ago
Love listening to this station on Saturday and Sunday,
Saphire P., 8 months ago
Vanessa Rogers, 8 months ago
Hello I love the music you play on Sunday morning is there any where I can purchase a CD with the Sunday morning music you play.
Guy Loter, 8 months ago
wow, beautiful music.
Tia Ká - FaceZap, 9 months ago
muto boa!!
Albert Fortune, 8 months ago
Listening from Carriacou
greg, 8 months ago
Happy Saturday, Gregory from guyana, off the spice Thursday.
Love John, 8 months ago
Wonderful music but it keeps cutting off every 10mins, because I'm listening online in New Jersey...what do I have to do to keep it playing?
b tillock, 9 months ago
Hello there was a song played sun night only you can make my dreams come through does anyone know the artist
Stephen Bedeau, 9 months ago
Am listening from Canada hey master mix gus
Bonita Lewis, 8 months ago
Hi from Brooklyn ny. When is yuh mother s day show
ray roberts, 8 months ago
hey gus
QwnCat Alleyne, 8 months ago
Maicol Francechi, 8 months ago
Saludos hasta panama 🇵🇦.....
Brent Bristol, 8 months ago
Great vybz some more Chosen B2B plz ... nyc
James Frank, 8 months ago
great great music.
Patricia King, 9 months ago
105 .5 f.m is awesome.prayer with the evangelical crew in the 9 a.m worship stupendously fabulous..Mr B and crew great hours of love making music. keep it
Leroy Matthias, 9 months ago
The best thing ever on local radio!
, 9 months ago
Love you music mr B it bring s back a lots of memory I look forward to Sunday music love it
Jennifer Moore, 8 months ago
Asking for prayer for my son Who just lost his job, may God make away for him in TN and lead him too a better Job in Jesus Name!
James Tobias, 8 months ago
Its great
Leela Alsuran, 8 months ago
Love this radio station
Helen Edwards, 8 months ago
Mr b first time I am writing in I love love your music I look forward to Saturday and Sunday you are doing a splendid job thank you helen edwards love you
Chezy, 8 months ago
Best radio station, listening to it while im working from home here in the UK is a blessing.
Debra Fleming, 8 months ago
Arundell Martin John, 9 months ago
Master mix Gus you guys is the best. Frenzie.