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Doowop is a true American (and now International) art form. The captivating lyrics and distinctive vocal group harmony separate it from other styles of music and make it truly unique. Doowop originated in the1950's and has enjoyed a loyal following through the years. And it is still being recorded today. In fact, it has attained a cult status with many of the younger people who discover this music.
Genres: retro oldies

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Joe Smeraldi, 2 weeks ago
Only music that's true. Doo Woop will never die
Linda J Gaeta, 2 weeks ago
love this! so good to listen on OnlineRadioBox and see the playlist as well! thanks! love DooWopRadio!
Paul Krukovsky, 6 days ago
Sam Cartmell, 3 weeks ago
Great oldies variety mixing of popular oldies with also not so heard oldies
Rixki fxvzi, 2 weeks ago
Aingg pisan gan