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Free Form Underground Rock is alive and well on Radio Free Phoenix. With over 14 thousand songs. RFP surges forward -- bringing the music freedom back to the FM airwaves--now a collection of cookie cutter formats with the same small box of songs over and over again in a repetitive circle. Radio Free Phoenix breaks free of corporate radio madness and forges forward with a great new station with the heart, soul and passion that once peppered the great underground rock stations of the past.

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Tim Duke, 9 months ago
Great free form with lots of rarely played songs
John Turner, 9 months ago
I used to follow RFP playlist here, why did it stop?
Pantelis Vassilakis, 9 months ago
I’ve listened all last night working on a project. Did not disappoint. Great variety and discovery. But the last two hours of Psychedelic Time Wrap have me hooked. Good stuff!