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KFUG Community Radio for Crescent City, Del Norte and Beyond! Local voices, local faces, local media!

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Curtis Cox, 9 months ago
Absolutely the Best lil radio station in the Pacific Northwest ! 😜🐸KFUG CurtisC
Angela Gregory, 8 months ago
So eclectic! Virtually always enjoyable to listen to. By far one of the best community radio stations I've heard in years. Keep up the great work!
Penny Sullivan, 9 months ago
KFUG is one of the gems of Del Norte County! We are lucky to have such a fine local radio station.
Denise Doyle-Schnacker, 8 months ago
The most diverse radio station I've listened to, online or on the radio, EVER. The talk shows, the liberals, the conservatives, the classical, the blues, the head-bnagin' rock... But my absolute favorite is Mike Thornton with "Full Logic Reverse".
Patrick Noon, 8 months ago
KFUG is just fantastic radio, I like that Wayman kid.
Shannan Wolfe Rios, 8 months ago
Rockin' out with Queen D, The Wolfman and Nick. Love this station!
Kyle Moodie, 8 months ago
Rocking out with nipple nick,the wolfman and queen D
Denise Tate Aikin, 8 months ago
Nightrider radio is the best!!
Penny Lynn, 9 months ago
A gem of the north state. My only wish is that they'd post who and what they're playing like KHSU and other stations. An eclectic music station.
Mary Ottlinger, 9 months ago
Working making poverty wages with a big corporation no medical insurance.
Penny Foster, 8 months ago
One day I got in my car, a few days after my hubby had drove it, and to my surprise the radio station was on KFUG. Which in the past I hadn't been able to find it..needless to say it stays on my favorite station from then on. I love the diversity of...
Deborah Holloway, 9 months ago
So cool. Thanks KFUG!
Sommer Livingstone, 8 months ago
Love it. ❤️🔥
Rin Lennon, 9 months ago
Thank you so much Mr Paul Critz for giving us a debut spin,
, 9 months ago
Great show Mr. Wolfman, greetings from Chile 🇨🇱
Neil Ridgley, 8 months ago
These guys are great I’ve seen them live several times all great shows! Cut it like the kings best group to come out of the Pacific Northwest in a long time🤟🏻
Taylor Farris, 8 months ago
Liking the tribute to EVH man!!!