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KGO 810 - KGO is a broadcast radio station in San Francisco, California, United States, providing News, Talk and Information.
Genres: news talk

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richard mclaugfhlin, 7 months ago
The great massacre changed KGO forever. Armstrong and Getty are populist clowns, interspersing their "feel good humor" with Trumpist memes and dog whistles. Dr Drew might as well be on Fox news. The Bay Area has apparently swallowed these changes lik...
Shane Scipio, 6 months ago
Do you think if they make Jussie pay for the investigation. Do you think that it should pertain to Trump as well.
Carol Khamchethal, 7 months ago
I enjoy this station.
Jean Paul Jones, 7 months ago
A great station that's now only good. But you're getting better. I love your afternoon lineup.
Tdaddy831, 7 months ago
I'm been listening to kgo since I was 18 years old 10 years later I miss Ronn Owens
Mireille Renée Leblanc Mariaval, 7 months ago
I listen to you from Europe with pleasure.
Stef Anka, 7 months ago
I have been listeninig to KGO for more than 15 years,I won t change it with other. I miss my favourite radio host MrGene Burn .,Armstrong &Getty are pretty good.Five stars
Mazhar Khan, 6 months ago
Great and Honest
Patrice Dougherty, 7 months ago
Please please please have more Gil Gross on!!!!! He is so good, intelligent, and interesting.
Ant Grab, 7 months ago
Melinda Graff, 6 months ago
I have been a listener for 50 years. The mornings hosts are a bit juvenile for me. The afternoon lineup is more adult but not on the same level as Ronn Owens Gene Burns Jim Eason. Brian Copeland or Lee Rodgers. Still listening often.
Robert Lannon, 6 months ago
I've loved KGO since the Saturday night comedies of Coyle & Sharpe...followed Ronn, Gene even Dr Bill...that this right turn has broken so successful a station is gut with A&G where they belong I hope the climb back is one of legend.....
Suzanne Silacci, 7 months ago
I listen to KGO often. I turn KGO off when the Niki Morono comes on. Her screaming voice and utube research on current events is disturbing.
Beth Dewey, 6 months ago
Just listened to an attorney on your show from LA talk about Cohen. He misspoke when he said Vince Foster was killed. The death of Vince Foster was repeatedly ruled a suicide. Vince put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. He had a lifelong str...
Jamison Markovic, 7 months ago
U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. has made a criminal referral of Trump and USPS postmaster Louis DeJoy to the New Jersey Attorney General for election subversion.
Cathy Lovallo, 6 months ago
Really miss Katie Green and the Sussmen.
Johnette Mitchell Smith, 7 months ago
❤️👍🏼👏🏻 Not fond of the two high school boys in the morning, love the others. Chip is a favorite. The women have spunk.
Joan Gladieux, 6 months ago
My KGO radio station is horrible, not a strong signal at all very hard to listen to, PLEASE FIX IT!!! I have the volume all the way up, just does not come in clear like ch 740am KCBS!!! But love to listen to Pat Thurston, the man at 3pm, just can n...
Laurence Kueffer, 6 months ago
The John Batchelor Show has repeatedly given uncritical interviews to officials from Azerbaijan, without giving any time whatever to interview opposing viewpoints.
Jerry Shelby, 6 months ago
I live in Baja Calif Mexico along with a few thousand other X-pats, having to wait past 7 pm for skip... now enjoy news from the other side via internet
punkiemilo #onesoulbrother, 7 months ago
Great talk radio station......
, 7 months ago
I’ve been a listener for 45 years, keep up the great work and the fight to convey reality and not the conspiracies often spoken through the many avenues people take while being entertained via social media...
Paul Claudon, 7 months ago
I started listening to KGO in my early teens as it was mom's favorite 50 yrs ago. It has kept me informed throughout my life. Thanks KGO!!!!
Madeline Collins, 7 months ago
KGO radio has been my favorite, go-to station for 30 + years! Then, the station went through a very dark, miserable period in the last 5 years. Now, the station has finally come out the other end and is almost back to it's superb quality: lots of g...
Robert Garner, 7 months ago
Biased for political correctness
Wendy Williams, 7 months ago
I love that there are so many different talk radio programs on this station!!
, 7 months ago
The real stars of KGO are the callers. When the host goes on a monologue, I tune out. Their opinions are predictable and not controversial. Banter between the hosts and newspeople is fun to hear. For me, the morning show should just be news, traffic...
Bob Jackson, 7 months ago
recovering from dark days. however appears to be in trouble exhibited by too many ric edelman...doug andrew and balance of nature commercials back to back and multi hourly....very annoying
tj Rioux, 6 months ago
I’m baaaaack. After listening to KGO thru the Lion of the Left days and beyond, I had abandoned KGO as frivolous and advertisement overloaded. Recently, I tuned in and WOW! Too bad, though, that KGO is winning the race to Advertisement Delivery De...