99.7 NOW listen online

99.7 NOW is an FM radio station in San Francisco, California in the United States. The station, owned by CBS Radio, broadcasts a Top 40 (CHR) format.

Information about the radio

99.7 NOW! is located in San Francisco, California. Our tower is located just south of the city limits at the top of the San Bruno Mountain. We broadcast 24 hours a day, seven days a week, serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Radio contacts

Address: 201 Third Street, Ste. 1200 San Francisco, CA 94103

Phone: +1 888-456-9970

Genres: top40 hits

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I love hot 99.7 it's my favorite station and they play all the hits.
diego fontana, 7 months ago
Sarah Schmidt, 7 months ago
i love to listen to this and 105.5 lots i love all these songs and singers! <3
Valeria Camacho, 7 months ago
Put more bts songs
Kapil Jakatdar, 7 months ago
each song i listen to i add to playlist
Yesenia Pedraza-De La O, 6 months ago
They play all my favorite hits
Neelta Prasad, 7 months ago
Every morning when I'm in my office first thing I listen to 99.7. make my day better and keep in on toe, take off all my stress.. weekend when get to cleaning my house I put 99.7 right away to listen the song and keeps me going. love them .
candice, 7 months ago
This station has to play The Man more by Taylor Swift!! My friends and I LOVE that song!! Please play it ❤️
Gael Martinez, 6 months ago
What the number of the radio situation i try to get it but the person spray to fast
Rorey Shen, 7 months ago
It is really good, but only plays a few song and the songs keep on repeating
Claudia Patiino, 7 months ago
Please can you play #Dynamite by #BTS
Ally, 7 months ago
I love that they play #Dynamite #BTS please can you play #Savage love ft BTS
Joaquín, 7 months ago
Please play #STAR by LOONA! I love that song