Heart & Soul 92.1 FM/AM 1140 - KRMP listen online

Heart & Soul 92.1 FM & 1140 AM - KRMP is a broadcast radio station in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States, providing R&B, Soul and Blues music.
Genres: r'n'b blues soul

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jenn lin, 3 weeks ago
Let's get real and ask Jabar about how he used a state vehicle as a personal vehicle. No one does that. It is illegal and he knew it.
Nate Christmon, 1 month ago
Loved the new song you all played today titled Bold by Taylor Deneen. She's from MWC, OK, She is truly a rising star. Keep it in the rotation!!!!
Lawrence Murray, 3 weeks ago
Well, hello Ms. West, wild child, it's Dr. Murray! I know it has been a while since I've seen you all, but please The Song BOLD by Taylor Deneen should be rocked constantly! Her range is pure and the rifts are smooth, trust me its fierce!
Tahisha Perez, 4 weeks ago
Thank you all for giving us the change many of us need through good music.
Jerri Walker, 1 month ago
Doing the wobble in okc on the school bus dropping off students
Michael Ferguson, 3 weeks ago
it was great
Leo Pereira, 1 month ago
play singular - godoi
Twin Mckinney, 3 weeks ago
Straight fire
Ommanda Babineaux, 4 weeks ago
I love it. Listening in Louisiana.
AnDrea Camacho, 1 month ago
🖤 it ! Wouldnt miss a day ! 😁😁 store gets nothing but compliments when its on !......
Alfredo Enrique Perez Mujica, 2 weeks ago
I like the blues, especially its top representative such as B.B.KING, from Venezuela with love, happy thanksgiving.
Paul Eleby, 2 weeks ago
Paul Eleby
KLASSIC MAN, 1 month ago
It's a checkup from the neck up music that feels good to you where you will feel the most in the earhole turn your knobs on yo head(your ears)Chubb Diggin" in that crate elbow deep man you givin me the brain flashbacks Heart n soul 92.1 FM all you...
Alisha Harkey, 1 month ago
Horace Hill, 2 weeks ago
The Cure
Love, 1 month ago
I love listening to this station all day! The topics are relevant in the mornings as well.
ramonia wilson, 3 weeks ago
Excellent Classic R&B. Here's a good one for you. From 1979; was ' I feel good, glad I got you Baby' by
Brenda Frazier, 4 weeks ago
Spartans store on Lincoln
Jennifer Murray, 2 weeks ago
Can you all please play Tre the truth time for a change ft. T. I and a lot more .. Thank you!! And if you can please let me know when it will air