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Hot Talk 560 - KSFO is a broadcast radio station in San Francisco, California, United States, providing Conservative Talk Radio. The Bay Area’s exclusive HOT TALK radio station. Whether it’s talking about public transit, the public school system, the mayor, the president or the federal deficit, KSFO Radio talk shows are driven by issues and callers. Our hosts respond according to their own convictions.
Genres: news talk

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Stephen O'Brien, 9 months ago
The smartest hosts in the country, peeling away layer upon layer of distractions to get to the heart of the issues. Exposing the motivations and machinations of the folks in the left field bleachers.
Me, Tony R., 9 months ago
Love this station.. 👍👏👏👍
Saddam Al-Shimmary, 10 months ago
love your issues and enjoy listening to your hot talk... Regards from Iraq
Chen Rick, 9 months ago
Good Radio. Good amerian english. i like it!
Don Walker, 9 months ago
I am in Fl.
Jose Kaguay, 9 months ago
Love the morning show.Just moved to Las Vegas in May,from San Francisco.I still listen to you guys via Radio Box. Miss the fog. Very Hot here..Take care Guys!!!
Gilberto Ramirez, 9 months ago
Great news talk radio, I listen from Mexico
Steve Sara, 10 months ago
Good station.
Fernando Lucas, 10 months ago
I listen from Rio do Sul, Brasil. Good radio!
Rick Squires, 9 months ago
I'm listening in Seim Reap, Cambodia
Mark Knupfer, 9 months ago
Been listening for over 10 years. FAGOTY
Wilbur Sr., 9 months ago
How does one email Michael Savage when he's taking phone calls?
Kathryn Ralli, 9 months ago
Dr. Savage, do you remember Jerry Doyle...he was on the radio after you in Las Vegas about 5 years ago. He was found dead mysterious like Justice Scalia....with great respect Dr. Savage, Jerry did a mathematical excersize on population and found that...
Ivan González Granda, 9 months ago
Greetings from Loja ecuador I am Ivan Gonzalez. I listen because I want to learn more English
Mike Wallace, 10 months ago
Thank you for not having the whiny, shrieking hosts like over on 810 am... 560 has the best hosts around - yahoo A&G.
nice station
Barry Bryan, 9 months ago
Dr.Savage, you should be Vice President of the United States of America, or Donald Trumps closest adviser.
Michael Shears, 10 months ago
Michael Savage is becoming more and more boring. Used to be great, but now he comes on the air for a
Gerald Campisi, 10 months ago
yes interested in pod cast
두두두, 10 months ago
it's just another polarized station for brain washed people like fox news and cnn no suprised
Craig NELSON, 10 months ago
Test driving right now. Will report soon.
Jim Moriarty, 10 months ago
Ben Shapiro has the fastest mouth in talk radio. I love him. A real smart man.
Arrchak Randhawa, 9 months ago
I am from 🇵🇰 you people are all wonderful people. Trying to solve the problem of the common people. I am working in the stalks (Trading Share in KSE) But it is not paying at all but one thing is for sure. A timely decision matters
Robert Garner, 9 months ago
I can't stand Donald Duck Shapiro