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KTAR is a radio station in Phoenix, Arizona dedicated exclusively to sports and available on 620 AM frequencies. Don’t confuse it with its sister station KTAR-FM which can be found on 92.3 FM frequencies and has news/talk format. KTAR AM radio station is much older than its sister FM station and until 2007 the AM station had news/talk format. But in 2007 KTAR AM switched to sports format and all news and talks were moved to the FM station. Both radio stations are owned by Bonneville International Corporation and it was the decision of this company to create two separate radio stations having similar names but different format.

Information about the radio

The history of KTAR radio station began in 1922 under the KFAD callsign. Since then it underwent several significant transformations before it finally got its current name and format. KTAR 620 AM radio station is affiliated with ESPN Radio since 2015 and covers various sports events in a 24-hour mode.

If you want to listen to KTAR online, you can check its live stream at this page of our website. Or you can download our free app to access their live stream from your mobile phone.
Genres: news talk sports