Manatee County Sheriff Dispatch - Groups 11,13,15 listen online

This broadcast will be monitoring MCSO:Group 15 (North), Group 13 (East), and Group 11 (West). This feed may at times be narrowed to one or two of these groups. The Manatee County Sheriff's office is the only agency that uses these groups and they are the main dispatch groups for their designated sector. The sector tac groups will not be included with this stream. These groups are just three of many on a EDACS trunked system that covers all of Manatee County public services. The info is as follows: Group 15 - Patrol North Dec:277 AFS:02-025 Group 13 - Patrol East Dec:275 AFS:02-023 Group 11 - Patrol West Dec:273 AFS:02-021
Genres: police

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