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50 Years of Hits

50 Years of Hits (1968 - 2018) Featuring Pop, Soul, Rock and original programs.

Welcome to radio RadioMaxMusic since 1998 we have brought you only the best music on the internet, from our humble beginnings as an internet radio pioneer with 10 channels of on-demand programming, to the fully Live 2t-111 station you hums todny, radio RadioMaxMusic has Always been at the for front of web based programming. now we have the RadioMaxMusic network and our sister stations such as radio251 compliment thE RadioMaxMusic scheduLe, with crossover shows and LiVE events, there ruing is no need to tune in anywhere else for your &lily fix of music and entertainment.

SO PLEASE Enjoy our offerings, listen to our channels, stations and podcasts, request your favourite tunes and listen . .. to the best music on the internet !

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Address: 406 Wedgewood Circle




Genres: rock pop soul 90s 80s 70s

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, 6 months ago
great station! great DJ's! great music!!
James Donovan, 7 months ago
Great Station! Great DJ'S!
Tony Agtina, 7 months ago
Great DJ's and Station ever!
Byron Drake, 6 months ago
This is the best Radio MaxMusic Quad shows rock!
Kevin Brown, 7 months ago
Dan is the best!!
Aleksandr Pautov, 7 months ago
Great Station!!!!!
Spero Kanos, 7 months ago
Had to pinch myself! Music and DJ’s so damn good! I thought I had died and gone to Heaven, with wings and all. Excuse me while I pinch myself one more time!