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Radio Disney is a network of radio stations in the United States owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company (multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate). It broadcasts all over America and targets youth. Radio Disney was launched in 1996 and quickly became popular among youth. Initially their playlist targeted preteens and young teenagers and included such celebrities as Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Selena Gomez, Christina Aguilera, ‘N Sync, Spice Girls as well as various soundtracks from cartoons and movies etc. But with a time they started focusing teens in the age of 12+.

Information about the radio

Current format of Radio Disney is contemporary hit radio. The only difference from traditional radio stations of this genre is that Radio Disney is focused on younger audience. It also practices Mainstream Top 40 format and broadcasts music, interviews, prize giveaways. Since 2002 Radio Disney has its own music awards ceremony called Radio Disney Music Awards.

Radio Disney is available on many frequencies in the United States as well as on HD radio and online. At this page of our website you can find the live stream of this radio station and listen to Radio Disney online.
Genres: pop top40

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