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Proudly Playing the Greatest Collection of Oldies Music in the World.
Genres: retro oldies

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Jed Loop, 8 months ago
The best oldies collection & the best oldies station!
bryan thomsen, 9 months ago
The best for my memories, wonderful Music oldies man , best regards, Tommo.
Philip Fitzgerald, 9 months ago
What a GREAT station. You play a lot of songs you don't hear on the other Oldies Stations. I also love the extended versions of songs like The Doors "Light My Fire". Thanks, Phil Fitzgerald
Dan Benz, 8 months ago
The best oldies station!
Gary Heath, 9 months ago
Outstanding presentation! I love the station. As a former on-air personality I can relate to what Rich is doing and I think it's very polished and professional, while being very entertaining!
Bryan Main, 8 months ago
Rich has created a time machine that takes me back to the 60's & 70's and brings back treasured memories as a kid growing up in San Diego. "Well Played" Rich.
Dennis Carter, 9 months ago
Awesome playlist, but I really love the in between stuff. I am old radio head and love radio jingles. All things Pam and TM and the old amazing 9 voice playing the hits.
noncandianguy, 9 months ago
Playlist and presentation are first-rate. My one complaint is that the sound quality is a little inconsistent; some tracks sound fantastic, while others have wonky artifacts, like they were uploaded at too low of a bitrate or something. All in all, a...
Bob Keefer, 8 months ago
Love the collection of jingles and the songs that you never hear elsewhere. Keep up the good work!
, 8 months ago
There's only 5 stars. I could do 5 or 10 more. I love the lesser known singles, the regional hits, the downright obscure releases by well-known artists. Please come back bigger and Richer than ever.