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Genres: hard rock metal

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Олег Ялугин, 9 months ago
Shamas Maximus, 8 months ago
The best rock and metal the net has to offer. from the best bands you know and ones you do not know! Discover what great rock and metal really sounds like!
Ethan Johnson, 8 months ago
What absolute professionals, love the music, vibe, and energy! Shamas was a pleasure to interview with, and all the new music we hear from this station is fantastic! Please give them a listen!!!
Alex Pearson, 8 months ago
THE place to discover the best new music, funny as hell, and great energy! LOVE THIS
Little Us, 8 months ago
One of the best radio stations out there! I love the music they play and the support they give to local bands is amazing! Great team!
Ildar Zakirov, 8 months ago
Rock on the Rise Radio is the best Internet radio for all ages and social groups who like to listen to rock music while sitting at the computer. And in an environment where smartphones with apps are replacing both the car radio and the player, this...
Brian Mohr, 9 months ago
I love Rock Radio. The shows and the music are always. I love their selections of music. The staff is the coolest. Maria runs the station very well. Shamus is very cool !! This station should be on on radio Networks !! 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟
ChrisR art-student, 8 months ago
I'm new to this channel due to the fact that they recently played my Son's debut single and they did the nicest review for him, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for making his day and me too. When we listened in we just had smiles beaming acr...
BennyWitz, 8 months ago
Maria Rules 🤘