Sci-Fi Old Time Radio listen online

Internet Station Sci-Fi OTR is dedicated to airing the best Old Time Radio science fiction. There isn't enough good Sci-Fi in the media these days. The realms of science fiction and fantasy have merged in the minds of many. You will not find fantasy here.

Information about the radio

Sci-FI OTR pulls our programming from roughly 1945 to the mid 1980's. The "Golden Age of Radio" is generally thought to have ended in1962. Several attempts were made by the radio networks to revive the age of radio despite the popularity of television. The era between 1965 and 1985 saw some very good SciFi radio programming. We air several series of note on the Station. Listen for Alien Worlds, the Twilight Zone, and others.

Radio contacts

Address: P.O. Box 51472, ​Livonia, Michigan 48151 USA

Genres: talk oldies

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Joe Jessop, 9 months ago
Francesco Ostrowski, 9 months ago
Lynn Beckham, 9 months ago
Lynn Beckham
Donnie Dobbs, 9 months ago
Listen every night
Echo Steele, 10 months ago
Dude, somebody deserves a big Thank you, for providing this broadcast...
Jonathan Berman, 9 months ago
I found this stream through the bonus streams in the 5-0 police scanner app on my iphone... I use it to go to sleep many nights, whether listening to the local police dispatch, or Frank Sinatra radio stream, or British comedy... the sci fi old time r...