Global Radio (KJAZ.db) listen online connects a compelling blend of cool, relaxing music with the people through an original approach involving sound delivery and visual presentation to create an emotional connection between the artist and the audience. Not just a radio station, not just a mobile phone stream, not just a website, not just an industry hub or Top 50 Chart… is the new paradigm in visionary marketing… the first Global music delivery system set in a smooth lifestyle atmosphere.
Genres: r'n'b pop jazz

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SUDIPTO BOSE, 10 months ago
one of most admired smooth jazz stations with fidelity audiophile quality streaming.
Oscar Condarco Macias, 9 months ago
greetings from Bolivia my favorite music, but I would like them to combine with a bit of regueton, lie is a joke, good luck and hugs from a distance, do not change.
JAMES Thompsen, 9 months ago
Ciclista Urbano, 9 months ago
I love smooth jazz
Sandra Griffin, 10 months ago
One of the best global channels for "Smooth Jazz", anywhere. The song selections never disappoint. Stick around, because this place is contagious for lovers of nice relaxing music.
Roberto Tola, 9 months ago
A lighthouse for all the Smooth Jazz lovers, followers and this genre professionals..
Дмитрий Корейко, 10 months ago
Самое классное радио на планете! Ребята никуда не уходите! ))
Jaime Saenz, 10 months ago
I just love it
Peter Bredau, 10 months ago
Love it
Ms Veronica Terry, 9 months ago
Listening from the Alamo City. Starting my morning off with relaxing, soul melody sounds. Thank you.
Yves L MOUKETOU, 10 months ago
Good vibes !!!
Roberto Tola, 9 months ago
Excellent Radio Station.. with the best Smooth Jazz, Soul, Funk Music 5*****