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Daniel F. Giallombardo, 8 months ago
As always, WBEZ leads the field for news coverage and special reporting. From the day I found your station, my dial has not moved--I even use a different radio for Cubs games. Seriously, I do that. ------Dan
David Ferez, 9 months ago
very good
Arthur Komarov, 8 months ago
Как погода в Чикаго?
Maxi Rodriguez, 8 months ago
Me puede enviar este mensaje en esta emisora.Muchos abrazos a la Doctora Ileana Contreras y a su hijo. Me hacen falta.Acá esta lloviendo.Yo estoy muy obesa y tengo un auto para trabajar pero no esta a nombre mio.Muy bien Divi Rodriguez
Erio Vernia, 9 months ago
Great professionals erio vernia verona italy EU
SSR TUTORS, 9 months ago
Am from India. I started to listen to it recently just to improve my pronunciation and fluency.. its an amazing feeling to listen. thanks a lot.
Andrey Prokhorov, 9 months ago
Походу не порусски гаварят...
Leandro Marcelino, 8 months ago
White Power, 8 months ago
I am from Russia and learn English listening WBEZ for my pronunciation. It is a good channel.