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WBRU Providence broadcasting to the world. The best of indie and alternative 24/7.

Radio contacts

Address: 88 Benevolent Street Providence, RI 02906-2046

Phone: 401 272-9555


Have suggestions -- text us at +1 401 272-9555.

Genres: indie alternative

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Dave Schiapo, 10 months ago
miss you guys
Lauren Starnino, 10 months ago
Miss you on the FM airwaves but it's nice to have you guys back 😎
Jaqui Barney, 9 months ago
I missed it when I was in Providence, I couldn't find it on my car radio
mrs_davis1983, 9 months ago
I miss listening on Sundays when I am out and about!
Lou Tibbs, 10 months ago
It is by far the number one alt rock station out there. I love when they throw in old commercials - like Rocky Point Park commercials! And how cool is it that Caroline Fox does shout outs!!
Мiкалай Сiвуха, 9 months ago
Моцная хваля!
, 9 months ago
Love you guys! Wish we could get 95.5 back! Keep crushing it!