Beach 104 listen online

Beach 104 is the Outer Banks and Northeast North Carolina's most listened to radio station. Moose and Jody in the morning, Shelly Mills Mid-Day, Piper in the afternoon, and Today's Best Music all of the time! Also the latest news and information, Capt. Ma

Radio contacts

Phone: (252) 449-4104


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Katie Amborski, 9 months ago
Love Beach 104. I can feel like I'm at the beach even when I'm not 😍😍😍
Mary Overstreet, 8 months ago
I love Moose and Jody in the morning! They make me laugh every day...microphone off ...I love it! I also enjoy the mwp's and especially captain Marti's other side of fishing stories, he is a great story teller! I've been listening for years, big fa...
Trudy Jones, 8 months ago
GREAT storm in VB!!!!!!