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WCYQ (100.3 FM) is a radio station in the Knoxville, Tennessee, area. The station broadcasts a country music format

Radio contacts

Address: 1533 Amherst Road Knoxville, TN 37909

Phone: (865) 824-1021


Genres: country

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Kristi Schmidt, 6 months ago
Disappointed that you've played the same 5 songs you played a half hour ago???? I know you repeat songs throughout the day, but this is too soon, and I'm guessing a mistake?
Cyndi King Fletcher, 7 months ago
Love you guys. You get me going every morning. Thank you.
CHESTAR SWIFT, 7 months ago
Opions are like noses, mst people have one. Being that I have been around radio for over 50 years, I know a little bit about it. Though Opie and Carina are my favorite DJ's on your station, all of your DJ's do a fantastic job. For informational pur...
Raymond Wegert, 6 months ago
Great station for up to date country music. Keep it up.
rebecca Leachs, 7 months ago
Have to admit bobby bones show is boring. I love Nashville but this show is kinda boring
Stephanie Gillespie, 7 months ago
I DO NOT LIKE THE BOBBY BONES SHOW!! I want opie and Corrina back in the mornings. Sadly I have went back to WIVK in the mornings.
Emma Stewart, 6 months ago
Hey Carina !!!! It's Emma! Just wanted you to know that your station is so good! Though I am in GA I love listening to your station!!
Kristin Mefford, 7 months ago
I'm pretty sure there is more than 5 country songs! Same songs all day long. Very boring.
Bryiana Martin, 7 months ago
I can’t stand that there are very few female artist played and how rare it is that they play. I don’t like hearing the same songs over and over and over. I only listen in the mornings when it’s bobby bones. He show starts my day and gets me happy in...
Debbie Kitts, 7 months ago
I have to say, I don't like listening to the Bobby Bone. The talking on and on makes me scream. I want to hear music of the mornings. Everyone including myself looks at social media and local news. Bobby Bone is really boring and talks about himself...
Tony Lawson, 7 months ago
Great station for todays best country music.
Joshua O'Brien, 7 months ago
Love the Bobby Bones show and the others. It's a nice change from some of the others out there. I don't really care for the low number of variety on music but most top 10 channels have the same issue.
Charla Cole, 7 months ago
Love Bobby bones. Even got my son and granddaughter listening to him....keep it up Bobby