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WFAN Sports Radio 660 AM/101.9 FM is a sports radio station based in New York, NY. The world's first 24-hour all-sports radio station, WFAN 660-AM/101.9-FM remains the premier sports talk radio station in the business. Since its debut, dozens of stations have copied the all-sports format, but none have achieved the success of the FAN.

Radio contacts

Address: 1271 Avenue of Americas, 44th FL New York, NY 10020

Phone: 212-314-9200


Genres: news talk sports

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Anne Maloney, 10 months ago
Love the addition of Brian Custer. Love him on SNY, too. Hope he becomes a WFAN regular.
Alexander Cardenas, 9 months ago
I have been listening to The Fan for years back in the day with Mike and The Mad Dog......those were great A Days.....Iam wondering will The Fan ever bring those 2 together again......they rock and I enjoyed every minute and second of listening to th...
Jackie Coletta, 9 months ago
Mike is the Best
Jill Friedman Kretchmer, 9 months ago
love the show.......been listening for several years now. hope Recco will continue in the "power chair"......
Christine Lynn, 10 months ago
Great show I learn a lot about sports from a different dimention.
Colleen DiMeglio, 9 months ago
Great to listen to you Mike I learned a lot about sports and compassion from your show ... much happiness and luck in your new adventures .... my husband listened to you over the years always would talk back like he was in the station with you and I...
Eddie Silard, 9 months ago
great to listen all these years. Biggest mistake you made was yelling at the guy who said Vegas should be a hockey franchise. He was dead right and you berated him.
Richard Dubicki, 9 months ago
Great station, don't listen to salty Red Sox fans.
Michel D, 9 months ago
Love Francesca, Evan & Joe, basically every show except for the 1 pm slot with Carlin, Maggie, and Bart.
Phillip Maisano, 9 months ago
Bart Scott stinks as a host let him go to ESPN.
Joanne Burrell, 9 months ago
Wow ! I Like It, Very Entertaining, Chris Mohr, Steve Somers, And Sal Licata Are My Favorites To Listen To
Philip Mazzetta, 9 months ago
Great Content but I do miss Carton. Please bring him back. Also, Maggie is awful. Her take on athletes and sports is just plain wrong. She brings very little to the table and has nothing interesting to say. My drive home blows because she is on. Cheyenne, 10 months ago
STOP with women talking football! the idiot talking about the Rams sounds so ridiculous,,,,,its like Tony Siragusa commenting as a fashion reporter at a Paris fashion show about a new Oscar De La Renta line....STOP!!!!!get the women off! Its so unfa...
Gerald Schwartz, 10 months ago
OK, Enough Already With The "Maggie Bashing" ! ----- She's One of The Most Entertaining Hosts On The Entire Station, Plus, ..She & Moose Have "Tremendous Chemistry" Together. - She Certainly Knows What She's Talking About (Not That I Agree With Ever...
Turbo Tom, 9 months ago
Welcome Back Craig you nutcase you! Mornings weren't the same without you my dude! Good luck in the afternoons....
Deborah Melillo, 9 months ago
it's great 2 listen Graig again.keep up the great work.miss you.
Cheyenne Foxe, 10 months ago
Enough with the stupid commercials for CBS TV dramas-shows--they all suck and no one cares..stop being so left of center---we want sports not leftist BS. No more Maggie please. Malusis is great,,,,Chris Mohr-minus the politics is great too...always l...
Audree Gabrielidis, 10 months ago
Craig is Back Helllloooo, I have laughed so much this week. The show is great and I Love that you are back on the fan. I have been listening to 1010 wins for to long, so happy you are back on the radio. Long time fan, I don't listen to Boomer anymore...
alan helfer, 9 months ago
SHOW SUCKS. Does Evan ever get to talk. I feel sorry for him . He was the only decent sportstalk host left on WFAN.