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Family Radio, established in 1959 under the official name, Family Stations, Inc. aired its first broadcast on February 4, 1959 over flagship station KEAR FM in San Francisco, CA. Our core mission remains to proclaim to the world the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to bring comfort and encouragement to our listeners through the reading of Scripture and uplifting Biblically-faithful music. Family Radio strives to maintain the highest degree of integrity and efficiency in the use of financial gifts. God working through the gifts of His people has enabled Family Radio to build and operate a national network of powerful AM and FM stations and translators throughout the United States. Today by use of satellite, Internet and terrestrial radio technology Family Radio furthers our mission into many foreign countries including Europe, North Africa and the continent of Asia.
Genres: talk christian

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Roland Riley, 10 months ago
Dear Friends, I have been listening to family radio since around 1989 or before. I especially like the music. God Bless You One and All, Roland
Junior Austin, 9 months ago
God bless this station!!
Joseph Wells, 10 months ago
I truly feel blessed to receive this wonderful christian programming.
Linda Brady, 9 months ago
I wake up to this station and find myself getting started with the Lord and then right on through with breakfast. Every day is blessed and wonderful. I am grateful for this station.
Catherine Connor, 9 months ago
Pure inspiration.
Matthew Ottaway, 9 months ago
This radio station is a spiritual boost and comfort in my day-to-day pilgrimage, though, in Fergus, Ontario, Canada, we can only receive this station (560 A.M.) after sunset. We wish it was stronger, but are very thankful for what we can pick up. K...
Jon Berry, 9 months ago
Eden Restored are a Christian band from Whitehaven, Cumbria, UK comprising of Jon, Dave,Tim & Hedd.
Sammy Light, 10 months ago
Waoh! Here is my spring of uplifting worship! Follows from Kenya
Wennie Bosch, 10 months ago
Great to listen to. It is wonderful to listen to the King James Version. Also the original verses of the many tried and loved hymns without modern revisions, although some original verses would be helpful. As the listeneror from Fergus, Ont. remar...
Veronica Watson, 9 months ago
It's always wonderful to hear the word of God the gospel of christ
Richard Gangemi, 9 months ago
God doesn't try to do anything , He simply wills what, and when He wants
Jeanine Lent, 10 months ago
I love listening to Family Radio, & I turn it on as soon as I wake up. I love listening to Bible readings, as well as the Bible studies & sermons. I have learned so much. Also, being disabled, I am unable to get to my own church. Listening to the mus...
, 9 months ago
God bless family radio always, I love Family Radio when I was sick you were there with me all day and night, you encouraged me and helped to strengthen me to pray through; as God healed my body . Thank you thank you to God be there glory
Yolanda Challenger, 10 months ago
Oh how I love this Family Network ever since I found it. It's a real blessing to me, but I can't seem to get it on SiriusXM. Does anyone know what should I search for? When I put in the name of the network it doesn't come up
Betty Turner, 9 months ago
I have reconnected with family radio after ten years I didn't realize how I missed it I love it
Rose Benjamin, 9 months ago
Love the Family Radio Network, music is great which takes me back to my childhood. During the Covid19 outbreak this station kept me alive while on the frontline and at home. I do introduce my friends and family to FRN.
Graham Oliver, 10 months ago
First time I have tuned in but lovely God centred radio. Listening from England
Emmanuel Peter, 9 months ago
This is a great service to humanity for the spread of the gospel.Thank you Family for your effort in making hymns available to all
Annika Stocks, 10 months ago
im only a kid and go to church and all ive been listening to all of this my whole LIFE!!!! this is my favorite music since i was 5 and singing along in the car all the time when i was very bored so this part of my whole life and i love it
Dennis Belich, 9 months ago
I noticed you stopped playing a song you started playing Nov 27.Don't know the title but ends with"on this night on this night on this merry Christmas night" repeated several times. I think that is the lyrics.It is sung by a children's choir.Very ni...
Catherine Dick, 9 months ago
I very much enjoy listening to this radio station, It's very inspirational . I listen on line at home and on my phone when i am away from home. I live alone so this is my company day and night.,..I do contribute monthly. God bless
Classic Red, 10 months ago
The best
Mike Rosato, 10 months ago
The only place you still hear the hymns.