The HOG listen online

WHQG is a rock music radio station in the United States. It is licensed to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and serves the same region. Another popular name of this radio station is 102.9 The Hog. The name and the callsign are references to Harley-Davidson fans (this company also has its headquarters in Milwaukee). However the radio station itself is owned by Saga Communications.

Information about the radio

102.9 The Hog radio station was founded in 1962 as WRIT-FM. Initially it played various music styles. Then it changed the callsigns several times and the format, too. It played adult contemporary music, country music until it finally started broadcasting mainstream rock. Nowadays WHQG plays rock, hard rock, metal and hardcore. It has a morning show, but all other on-air time is dedicated to music.

If you are rock fan, you will definitely be glad to find them on 102.9 MHz FM frequencies or on HD Radio. But if they are not available in your region, you can bookmark this page of our website with their live stream and listen to 102.9 The Hog online.

Radio contacts

Address: 5407 W McKinley Ave Milwaukee

Phone: +1 414-799-1029


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Peyton Davis, 1 month ago
Best radio station in East TN
Stefan Hansen, 1 month ago
The most amazing station ever...always knows just what to play.
Mitchell Hammett, 1 week ago
Always great music
Johnny McCarthy, 3 weeks ago
the Eddie Trunk Rocks show is a very listenable bill of fare
Niell Fordy, 2 weeks ago
Love this station listen online from UK
Mark Moore, 3 weeks ago
Love this station. The morning show, the afternoon show, the evening and weekend Bob and Brian's career so far. Awesome....
Revalaytor Music, 1 month ago
Can you guys play "All It Takes" By- DAV featuring Jon the Revalaytor?
Glen Christie, 1 month ago
Love the hog. Hate "so hungry' by temple of the dogs. Worst song ever in the history of songs!!!!!!! It just goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.... Please never play it again . Have a great day everyone.
Ronald Goyette, 2 weeks ago
you played a tune Higher, higher at 11:00am today , who is the Band ?
Jason Nennig, 1 week ago
song SUCKS!!!
doug ross, 2 weeks ago
Danny Autry, 3 weeks ago
GREAT Station
Andrew Lui, 3 weeks ago
Too many stale old songs from the ‘80s still. I really wish they would expand their playlist. But, alas. It’ll never happen. (Sigh).
Kat R, 3 weeks ago
Eugene Forbes, 1 month ago
From Chicago grt station
Rob Livelearn, 1 week ago
Spontaneous Combustion! You guys make me laugh so much everyday! Because that's what we all really need! Is a smile and a laugher everyday! HOG = Hold On God wait second....You'll start laughing!