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WKNR is a commercial sports radio station in the United States. It is owned by Good Karma Brands (a radio broadcasting, sports marketing, event planning company) and is licensed to Cleveland, Ohio. This radio station is one of the two Cleveland affiliates for ESPN radio that is why it is also known as ESPN 850 WKNR.

Information about the radio

ESPN 850 WKNR started broadcasting in 1926. At that time it was known as WLBV. They experimented with names, changed owners and formats until they finally decided for sports format and their current name. ESPN 850 WKNR covers all kinds of sports, broadcasts some local programming, takes some shows from ESPN Radio network and broadcasts a range of play-by-plays.

It is available on 850 kHz AM frequencies and serves Greater Cleveland. If this radio station is not available in your region you can check its live stream on at this page of our website and listen to ESPN 850 WKNR online. We also encourage you to download our free app and enjoy this and many other radio stations on your mobile device.

Radio contacts

Phone: 216-578-0850

Genres: news talk sports

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omegapointil ., 2 weeks ago
How did Raiders wrs and Cook find space so often? How are backs not shadowing them? Are they playing zone? If they were then quit it because it obviously didn't work. Watched backs let their wrs just run past them while they set off in some other di...
Jay Valentine, 4 weeks ago
Mike Rizzo was hooorible doing the game with his DAD , who I have met numerous times . Tony Rizzo is a great dude. mikey needs to do games with other guys other than DAD! I was ready to puke with his dad comments. it's WAY TOO MUCH DAD COMMENTS . du...
Heriberto Hernandez, 3 weeks ago
Los dodgers en español como lo puedo escuchar por favor dame los pasos para escuchar gracias
Jonzell Top-Notch Byrd, 3 weeks ago
Jesus is God..
doug ross, 2 weeks ago
good sunday live toronto gets stronger watch out nba for years to come the best stay be crazy not to ride this fast train for now
Jeffery Perine, 2 weeks ago
Jack Crum Sr., 1 month ago
Love the show
Rich Mcglone, 1 week ago
Really Johnny Manziel ?? Besides a way better accurate and stronger arm, finishing 2nd Rookie of the year sure he not playing as well but that's a lazy and idiotic take
Joel Bankert, 6 days ago
Nathan and Bo are the best! CBD! Rizzo is funny and good in the morning, don’t care for Goldhammer. He’s a wet blanket.
Lenny Powers, 3 weeks ago
Inexperience lack of leadership egos undisciplined ! Decisions poor! Everything bad and getting worse. Mayfield cant see the entire field! Hes jumpy. O line play weak and the lack of tackling on defense!
Tom Fisher, 1 week ago
Is Greg Williams an option? Team seemed more disciplined during the end of last year. I think he's a "tougher" kind of coach.
Phillip Hall, 1 month ago
Phillip Hall
Leonardo Romero, 6 days ago
Here, from Barranquilla, Colomba.
Noah Maynard, 2 weeks ago
Thankful for this show
very great radio station
Michael Toth, 3 weeks ago
Be prepared for Baker to have another crap season. He’s already focusing on things other than football and we all remember how that turned out last year.
Keith Calhoun, 2 weeks ago
Whats going on , No regular line up , no browns Daily WTF ????
Philip Santora, 1 week ago
Isn’t Mike Clevinger the one who chastised the Astros for breaking the rules?
Eric Levengood, 2 weeks ago
Aaron,please apply for the post in Denver, we Clevelander's are tired of your act! You do a very poor job over-all. Job preparedness is not your strong suit. Your arrogant-silver spoon mentality is not a Cleveland trait,we are hard working blue col...
, 4 weeks ago
I know a lot of Browns fans are really hard on Aaron and on some level I guess I could see it (maybe) however I really do appreciate the fact that he has always been true to himself and his take on things. It makes it interesting weather you are a fa...
Ronald Selepak, 3 weeks ago
Who are these people? The team is bad enough! We do not need another addition to the situation such as this new announcing group!
Gene Majni, 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the BREAK FROM GOLDHAMMER wish it was permanent. RBS would receive 5 stars and I would listen everyday if he was gone.
Jeffrey Gazso, 3 weeks ago
Poor.... Called to voice displeasure about the unnecessary panic the announcers are creating ..... And got hing up on.....!!CENSORSHIP ..... FROM A 2 BIT RADIO STATION.....!!REALLY....... WHATS NEXT....... IVE BEEN A LISTENER for a long time..........
Jessica Holbrook, 1 month ago
Pass the mic to Stan the Man!!