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Rock 92, has been rockin' Carolina for over 25 years. Home of The 2 Guys Named Chris Show.

Radio contacts

Address: 192 E. Lewis St., Greensboro, NC 27406 Asheboro (North Carolina)

Phone: 1-800-762-5923

Genres: classic rock

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Flavio Dossin, 9 months ago
Very good!
Daren Frenette, 9 months ago
U guys find a place where they sell act-right ? Let me know !These two are a few slices short of a hole just a perfectly balanced show !!
Gerry Roberts, 9 months ago
A very good morning show. Rather warm, if not homespun, hosts have been doing it for over 20 years now. Music and Rock and Roll Trivia is a high point, and the one host, Demm, really knows his way around rock and roll history. Hardcore P1.
Douglas York, 9 months ago
I like to hear Winning by Santana not heard it on here in awhile, great station, I've been listening to for yes....
Scotty Hunt, 9 months ago
The absolute best morning show in the USA!
Jess Saxon, 9 months ago
Even though my radio only gets this station unless I want AM, I do love this show. I dont want to get out of my car when this show is on.
Сергей К., 10 months ago
The best hit's
Eric Johnson, 9 months ago
They rarely talk about anything intelligent. When calling in who ever answers is abrupt.