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WPFW is the voice for alternative programming in the Washington metropolitan area. WPFW plays a mix of jazz, Latin jazz, blues, and world music. Tune in and hear Miles, Aretha, Sinatra, Muddy Waters, or Eddie Palmieri!
Genres: blues jazz news

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Alan James, 8 months ago
One of the most trusted sources for news and info.
Elisa Paulina, 8 months ago
Hi thank you so much. What the the info on Lila Jones? I can’t seem to find her. She is an indigenous activist. I appreciate it! 🙏🏾
Zinora Mitchell, 9 months ago
The Sunday lineup on WPFW from noon until 9p.m. is transcendent. The magic does not occur every minute of the Sunday lineup but it occurs every Sunday. My perspective and understanding of genres is broadened and enriched. My curiosity staunched for...