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WTOP 103.5 FM A peek into the Glass-Enclosed Nerve Center and your source for Washington's top news.

Information about the radio

WTOP-FM started broadcasting in 1926 in Brooklyn, New York with WTRC callsign. Like many other radio stations it also changed its callsigns, owners and frequencies several times. Since 2011 t is owned by Hubbard Broadcasting (an American television and radio broadcasting corporation) but initially it was launched by another company and in another city.

The format of WTOP-FM radio station is all-news, so its air time is completely devoted to the discussions, news, traffic and weather. It is one of the three all-news radio stations serving Washington D.C., but WTOP-FM is unique in the sense that it is the one and only all-news radio station which is available on FM and is not available on AM frequencies.

Radio contacts

Address: 3400 Idaho Ave, NW. – Washington, DC 20016

Phone: +1 202-895-5000


Genres: news talk weather

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