The Maryland Transportation Channel listen online

WTTZ-LP is a Traffic Information and Smooth Jazz formatted broadcast radio station licensed to and serving Baltimore, Maryland.

Radio contacts

Phone: +1 410-539-5000


Genres: jazz

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Jennifer Smith-Funn, 6 months ago
I love it! One of the best kept secrets in Baltimore. No need to pay for satellite radio - no commercials - just traffic updates. Bravo to the people that created the music list. Great example of tax dollars at work for the good of the constituen...
JE Kilgore, 5 months ago
OMG. Got picked up at Penn Station in an Uber and heard this station for the first time. I love it, and will be listening live when I return home.
Hayden Stanley, 5 months ago
Music is excellent.MTA news is old and repetitive.Not the bus and train info,that is quite relevant
Brenda Gamble, 5 months ago
Love the music 🎶
Aretha Ector -DHS- SSC, 6 months ago
Love the music.
Ruth Thomas, 6 months ago
Great Music!!!!
Michelle DiPietro, 5 months ago
its on in every room in my house !
Rona Johnson, 5 months ago
So nice to hear music that sounds like LOVE!