900AM WURD listen online

WURD is an AM radio station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It broadcasts at 900 kHz with a talk format primarily targeted to African-Americans, and is currently under the ownership of LEVAS Communications, LP.
Genres: news talk urban

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novella garnes, 8 months ago
Donald Rouse, 8 months ago
Love the station!!!
adam Henderson, 9 months ago
Reparations owed ASAP
Sharon Howard, 8 months ago
Hi Brother Adam I agree with you I want me and my people to get that reparation money
James Cooper, 8 months ago
The best station ever
Elaina MARCH-DONALDSON, 8 months ago
The atmosphere had been set, indeed Pastor Coleman!
Baith Muhammad, 8 months ago
Linda Randolph-Ragin, 9 months ago
My understanding is one must complete and send the paper Census in or go online and fill out your Census info. That is the way EVERYBODY will get their check.
Fernando Pulgarin Salazar, 8 months ago
Excelente para aprender y practicar ingles
Dacosta Gaither, 8 months ago
I'm in love !
Felicia Ellis, 8 months ago
Congratulations on the work you bring to the listeners.
Kb Bethel, 8 months ago
Really appreciate the innovation of Dr Hite! Great leadership.
, 8 months ago
This is my first time listening to your radio broadcast. My Bother and Niece told me about your radio station. I’m in California, listening online. Thank you All so much for your innovative talks. Very refreshing❤️
Bryant Witherspoon, 9 months ago
Great station
Alison Odom, 8 months ago
Hello to Louise Williams Bishop This is Evangelist Tina Odom Just wanted to say I listen to you all the time. My husband Rev. Danny Odom passed away on Dec. 1st 2018. It's so good to hear your voice still going strong. May God continue to bless an...
Richard Hill, 8 months ago
Fabulous show Please share with me the names of all that fabulous music you be playing on the show today. Story Telling Irma sure told us