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Hot 106.7 (ex Hot 93.5). We're located in Central Pennsylvania playing today's hottest hits!

Radio contacts

Address: 2300 Vartan Way, Suite 130, Harrisburg, PA 17110

Phone: 1-866-694-6892

Fax: 717-234-7780

Genres: hits

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jessica ilc, 9 months ago
Is the hottest station in center pa
Ty Zimmerman, 9 months ago
it awesome and very entertaining
Jacob McHugh, 10 months ago
i think this is better then spdify because as real pop\
Deborah Watchey, 9 months ago
I love it very much!!!
Charlotte Wakefield, 9 months ago
You need to bring Stef and Puff back. The people you have on the radio in the morning just don't cut it.
Dany McKinney, 9 months ago
Love this station. They should play legands by the score
Christina Hoch, 9 months ago
Love the station
Onur Aydın, 9 months ago
Is there any way to reach out to hot 106.7 throwback lunch playlist? please?
Claudia Patiino, 10 months ago
Thank you for playing #Dynamite by #BTS on hot 106.7
Ika SakraOlivia, 10 months ago
Thank you for playing #IceCream Blackpink & Selena Gomez
Aaron Colangelo, 9 months ago
best ever
Shee Lee, 10 months ago
Can u play high fashion by Roddy rich plz
jeff detwiler, 10 months ago
Gavin Baker(ST), 9 months ago
Can you play the box by roddy rich