WXPN 88.5 FM listen online

WXPN is a public radio station in the United States. This is a non-commercial radio station owned by the University of Pennsylvania. It broadcasts an adult album alternative format (this format includes broad range of styles from mainstream pop and rock to jazz, folk, blues, country). Thanks to its quality content WXPN became popular among ordinary listeners, but it also became authoritative among other radio stations. One of its programs (World Café) is distributed by NPR to many non-commercial radio stations across the United States.

Information about the radio

WXPN started broadcasting in 1945 on 730 kHz AM frequencies. In 1957 it also started broadcasting on 88.9 MHz FM. They took the callsign WXPN (which means Experimental Pennsylvania Network) and never changed it since then.

This radio station is available on 88.5 MHz FM frequencies and on HD radio but it also has its live stream. So if you can’t find this radio station on-air in your region you can listen to WXPN online. Please also check our free app for your smartphone or tablet. It supports Android and iOs and will allow you listening to many other radio stations with your mobile device.

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Bert Sfw, 9 months ago
Great station, have been a fan since the 80's when I lived in NJ. Now via internet here in Europe (Austria + Portugal).
Leslie MacPherson, 8 months ago
Best radio station on the East Coast; FAR more interesting and diverse than anything Chicago has to offer. Chicago's so-called alternative station "for music lovers" doesn't even measure up to WMMR, an excellent radio station, let alone 'XPN, a stell...
Al Schneider, 8 months ago
Great DJs playing great music from different genres while receiving informative information!! What else ya need!!